Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sesame Street Presents The Body

In the beginning of April, which I know was long ago, some of us took our kids to the Sesame Street exhibit on the body. I think the parents expected more, but the kids had a great time!
Milana with her pals Claire and Chase.

Grocery shopping, if only she could really run to the supermarket for me!

The organ organ! It taught about the different organs of the body.

Her favorite part was this obstable course.

Getting tired out so that she would nap well for me!

Although the exhibit was smaller than I thought, she still had a great time and we would do it again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Milana's 2nd Birthday!

For those who know her actual birthday know I am way behind on this post. The nausea and fatigue has put blogging on an even farther burner! Her stats were height 36" (95th percentile)and 27 lbs (50th percentile). We had a birthday party that I tried to keep small, but with all the family around plus a few close friends made it hard to do. She had a great time and it was worth the work.

"Helping" with her cupcakes.

Hogging the bubble maker.

Enjoying a plate solely of fruit, her favorite!

We had a sweet dance party inside so that the Easter eggs could be hidden. I figured that since it was a few weeks before Easter (March 29) we could pull that off as the game/activity.

Kids looking for the eggs.

Milana getting a little help from my cousin, Barbara.

The impromptu game of spin the kids on the towel!

Opening one of her favorite gifts. She loves wearing that Dora night
gown, thinks it nice enough to wear out.

Milana is as sassy as always, but also really sweet. She is really starting to make a distinction between English and Portuguese. She'll say something in one language and if she thinks you didn't get it she'll repeat it in the other language. For now she speaks mostly in Portuguese and I hope it stays like that. She can count to at least 10 in both, and is getting close to knowing the alphabet in both as well. Her sentences a lot of the time includes both as well. It's pretty cute! It will be fun to see how she does with the new baby. Hopefully Milana will teach her to speak Portuguese as well.

Sorry about the formatting, it wouldn't behave and I'm too tired to keep trying!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So You May Have Heard...

...we're having another baby. I am actually already 19 weeks, just been too tired and sick to mass notify! This time around I am less nauseous, but still not enjoying the being pregnant experience. We found out that we are having another girl! It's what I wanted, and I hope that it will be something that Milana will appreciate having. I've tried explaining to Milana what is happening, and she's been to a couple of doctor's appointments, but she either doesn't get it or doesn't care!

Here is the new girl practicing her defensive moves for when Milana attacks her!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog As Needed

It's not as though I mean not to post, but it just doesn't seem necessary when you feel that not much is happening. And then I look at my camera and realize how much has passed...and how much longer Milana's hair has grown.

Kirk took Milana on a daddy-daughter date back in November to Sesame Street Live. And Milana had a fantastic time, so I heard.


Here she is at the show, her first concert. I have been meaning to post this video for sometime. It's one of my favorite Milana clips of all time! Watch how she tries to sing along and holds the notes. So funny!

Milana enjoying a beautiful fall day, I wish we had some of the warmth back. It's been freezing (aka 55 degrees)

At the Griffith Park Festival of Lights in December.

Playing with bff Chase at the Mommy and Me class holiday party.

Tickling Chase, Milana likes to tickle fun!

Christmas morning in her new playhouse. She closed it up and played in it all day, inviting full grown people to play inside with her. Tight squeeze!
That is not a doll she is holding, but her new cousin Truman.

Milana can't wait for Truman to visit again, she talks about holding him on her lap and hugging and kissing him.
Enjoying other people's gifts!

Christmas in Camarillo, so proud of her tree treat.
Playing with frienemy, Claire. Milana has become really bossy, Claire doesn't always love it!

Here are some family photos taken by Ashley at the end of December. I think they turned out fantastic, despite Milana's constant meltdown!

Enjoying Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Museum with gal pals!

This is how we roll in L.A. or at the Museum of Air and Space.

Chase and Milana at the Getty Center. Not as toddler friendly as we imagined! This photo was taken in the kid friendly room at the museum, the whole place was the size of my living room and the rest of the museum is HUGE!

Nice view at the museum, trust me, the photo doesn't do it justice!

There you have it! That should do it for the next for the next three months, just kidding...I hope!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Another trip to a pumpkin patch, but this time with bff cousin Kelsey. They kept holding hands, way cute.

Kirk with his last minute, impromptu costume. Don't ask me...

Milana in her crazy, but cute costume. She was a Halloween doll, at least that is what we came up with for the funky costume.
It was warm enough for ice cream. LOVE California.
Kirk's work puts on a Halloween Party, and this was part of the petting zoo. A zebra! Yes, we did get to touch it.

Milana trick-or-treating with boyfriend Chase. They also kept holding hands.

Milana feeding the horses at the pumpkin patch.
I kept praying that they wouldn't eat her fingers.

With a young chicken at the work party.
She is always excited to play with animals.

Milana was so excited this Halloween, that the next day she wanted to go again. We walked a bit down the street, but had to explain that we would not be asking anyone for more candy. She was really sad about it!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

Last week Milana and I accompanied our Mommy and Me class to Lombarbi Ranch for pumpkin fun. It was quite the drive and it was really warm, but we had a great time.

Milana getting lost in the hay maze.

Gearing up for the the train ride with bff Chase.
It was a long, slow ride through a dense sunflower patch. Milana was excited and kept saying "choo choo."

A little hesitant a first at the petting zoo.

Then it was game on. She kept putting her hand against the animals' mouths. She had nothing to feed them, so they kept turning away.

By far her favorite part of the trip was the petting zoo. She had to say "hi" to each one, and when we left she had to say "bye" to each one. We were the last ones to leave the pen. Here are a few videos of her efforts to bond with the animals.

I am warning her to NOT pull on the tail.

Sheer excitement!

Herding the goats. She did this quite a few times.

After lunch we went to check out the other animals. Since she had touch the animals at the petting zoo she thought she could touch the others as well.
Milana kept wanting to stick her hand in the pen and cages!

To finish the trip we went in search of the perfect pumpkin.

Showing off the picked pumpkins. Tired and hot, but left happy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


That's right...Oktoberfeast! I finally got enough death threats to actually post. In all honesty I am not the most consistent blogger, but we did move (still not totally unpacked), Kirk is actually home in the evenings now, and I still have not found my camera cable. Kirk remembered that my parents also have a Canon camera and that their cable might work, which it did, allowing me to get all the photos uploaded last week. So scroll down if you wish to find out what we have been up to these last few (hardly) weeks!